Los Angeles, 2006
Manchester, UK
Los Angeles, 2005
New York, 2004
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Los Angeles, 2002

Miles Maeda

Miles Maeda began DJ-ing in 1989 at the Indiana University radio station. By 1992, he moved to Chicago and was immediately thrust into what was to become the birth of the legendary Chicago house scene spinning with luminaries Derrick Carter and DJ Colette. Having moved to San Diego in 1995, he became a pioneer in the World Evolution project, which inspired him to collaborate with other artists to create the Traveling Love Show. They have toured throughout the country performing over 30 shows this summer. Miles also runs DJ Evolution studios, an electronic music studio where he has created several e.p's on the "3 to 5"and "Siesta" labels and where he is currently working on his latest release. He also teaches classes to assist people in tapping into their creative energies using dj and midi equipment.