Manchester, UK
Los Angeles, 2005
New York, 2004
Los Angeles, 2003
Los Angeles, 2002

DJ Alix Walker

Alix Walker has played records, hosted, busked, sang, jammed, pole danced, drank, toked, fell over and generally entertained at some of the biggest and best parties on the planet since the hedonistic beginnings back in Manchester over a decade ago. A young veteran of nightlife, never being genre specific in his sets has set him apart from the mainstream.

DJ Elliot Eastwick

Starting out as a glass collector in 1991 at Manchester?s infamous Hacienda club, Elliot spent his first year of employment haranguing the clubs bosses to let him play his shoddy record collection, they eventually agreed and he found himself playing the main room. Elliot is DJ, producer, label owner and music journalist.