Los Angeles, 2006
Manchester, UK
Los Angeles, 2005
New York, 2004
Los Angeles, 2003
Los Angeles, 2002

Z Berg

Lead singer Z Berg met Charlotte Froom and Tennessee Thomas while still in high school and formed the indie rock band, The Like. They soon recorded 3 EPs on their own before signing to Geffen Records. They've now toured with the likes of Maroon 5, Rooney and Phantom Planet.

DJ Hapa

Hapa has been MCing and DJing events at clubs, private parties, events and live shows since 1996, and is undoubtedly the individual that will get any group of people pumped up with his energy behind the microphone or turntables. When Hapa is not on stage or traveling, you can always find him at Scratch DJ Academy as the Academy Director and one of the main professors. Hapa is also a partner/owner in REHAB Record Store and DJCity.com.